Alaska Marine Highway System & Everything You Need to Know

All aboard the Alaska Marine Highway System for one of the most captivating adventures in The Last Frontier. Also known as the Alaska Marine Highway or Alaska State Ferry, you’ll sail through the waters of our southern peninsula. In fact, this route is so special that it’s been designated a National Scenic Byway and an All-American Road. Whether you are visiting our outdoor-oriented destination for the first time or returning for another vacation, an excursion with this exclusive system will be worth your time!

Juneau, AK, offers something for everyone to enjoy. By requesting a copy of our complimentary Vacation Guide, you’ll have our local suggestions for the best restaurants, outdoor experiences, and historical sites to visit. Our pocket travel planner also solves “where to stay” with a section dedicated to the comfortable accommodations and relaxing amenities at our boutique hotel. Before you depart or after you return from your trip on the Alaska Marine Highway System, plan to spend a few days wrapped in the modern comforts at Silverbow Inn.

A Preview of Your Alaska Marine Highway System Journey

As you plan your trip, you’ll find the perfect ways to enjoy our scenic state. Read over our local insights to discover to how to create the perfect experience on the Alaska Marine Highway System!

Where You’ll Go

Bring your camera, a light jacket, and your sense of wonder along with you! On your guided expedition, you’ll be taken to the many regions of Alaska. Here are the places you’ll visit on your trip!

  • Southeast Alaska
  • South Central Alaska
  • Southwest Alaska

Each of these wonderful destinations provides you with a lesson on how unique The Last Frontier truly is! For instance, when you visit the Southwest, you may see some of the stars from “Deadliest Catch!” From whale watching, to touring museums, to peaceful hiking, to kayaking, to dog sledding, to viewing the Northern Lights, there is a myriad of adventurous activities you can enjoy.

If you wish to experience the exclusive boats for the morning and afternoon, there an option for day-long experiences. You’ll have access to an interior observation space, the deck for some fresh air, and relax the heated solarium. Or, you can board one of the shuttle ferries to see two-three places on a quick timeline. Whatever way you decide to experience our haven, you’re sure to feel reconnected with nature!

What You’ll See

As you set sail, you’ll have the unique opportunities to observe the native wildlife and natural phenomenon. Many of our guests have reported viewing these species in their habitat: whales, birds, bears, moose, and salmon. They also saw glaciers along the journey such as the Mendenhall as well as the Tracy Arm Fjord and Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve. For the best viewing experience, step onto the deck and gaze at the wonders of Alaska.

When to Board

The Alaska Marine Highway System offers a trip every day of the week. Similar to boarding a plane, arrive at least two hours before your departure time. This way, you make it through the security screening and efficient loading for your belongings. You’ll also receive any additional instructions regarding your reservation from the company itself!

Relax at Silverbow Inn

One of the ports for the Alaska Marine Highway System is located in Juneau, and we are just a quick walk to the terminal. City View King Room Our boutique hotel provides you with five-star lodging experience like no other. During your stay with us, you’ll be conveniently located within walking distance to more than 15 restaurants, museums, shops, and public transportation stops.

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