Have the Time of Your Life at Alaska Zipline Adventures

If Alaska is wild and beautiful on the ground, it’s easy to imagine that it’s absolutely stunning from a bird’s eye view. When you stay at Silverbow Inn, you won’t need to imagine it anymore. Experience flying above the trees with Alaska Zipline Adventures. Find out everything you need to know to plan your ziplining experience today!

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Everything You Need to Know about Alaska Zipline Adventures

Having the ability to defy gravity and soar through the treetops was humanity’s goal for centuries. Thanks to some cables, a harness and a good bit of courage, you can channel your inner Tarzan and see Alaska like few others have seen it! Here are our top tips to make your experience with Alaska Zipline Adventures the best it can be.

1. Plan to spend about four hours on your tour.

Your day begins by hopping aboard their convenient shuttle to take you from Juneau to the Tongass National Forest. From the time you step on the shuttle until you step back off of it at the end of your adventure is about 3 hours and 45 minutes.

2. Wear the right clothes and bring the right accessories.

A day spent dangling from a zipline is not the day to wear your favorite pair of flip-flops, as you can imagine. Be sure to wear closed-toe, ideally laced-up shoes. Wear long pants. Your guide will make sure you have a rain jacket while you’re on the lines. There is a place at the lodge for backpacks and purses. If you do bring a camera, make sure it’s one you can strap on to yourself.

3. Safety is always first.

You must be between 70 and 250 pounds to ride the zipline. You also have to be at least eight years old. Anyone with back issues, neck issues or who is currently pregnant should refrain from riding. Guide to passenger ratios are kept low, the maximum being one to six. Your guide will make sure you are properly harnessed in and will show you the basics of ziplining on a practice line before you hit the actual course.

4. Have the time of your life.

With some of the ziplines over 100 feet in the air and 800 hundred feet long, you can truly feel like you are flying through the gorgeous Alaskan forest! Each of the lines connects to a platform in the trees, so you’ll get to zip through the trees and then meet back up with your group after each line. It’s an unbelievable experience!

5. Our zipline special is the way to go.

If this sounds amazing to you, we have you covered! Be sure to check out our Zipline in the Tongass National Forest special. You can book your room and the tour at the same time. We love watching our guests return from this incredible adventure!

Stay at Silverbow Inn

After your day with Alaska Zipline Adventures, return to the Silverbow Inn for a great night in Juneau! We have the best and most convenient accommodations in town, with comfortable rooms and a fantastic location. There are 16 restaurants and bars located within a block of our inn. Take a look at our amenities to get a sneak peek of all the wonderful things you can expect at Silverbow Inn!

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