Everything You Need to Know About “Beer-Powered Beer”

When you think of Juneau, AK, what comes to your mind? For us at Silverbow Inn, we think of our unparalleled natural beauty, locally owned and operated businesses, and of course, some of the best brews in the United States! One of our favorite breweries is the Alaskan Brewing Co. This innovative “brew spot” pioneered an environmentally conscious effort known as “beer-powered beer,” a three-step method where unused grains are reused and recycled into a sustainable energy source to power the brewery. We urge you tour this fascinating facility to learn more about this revolutionary method!

Before seeing how “beer-powered beer” works at the Alaskan Brewing Co., request a copy of our Vacation Guide to the Last Frontier! You’ll find our recommendations for the best area activities, outdoor adventures, and historic sites. Our guide also features the modern guest rooms and comfortable amenities at Silverbow Inn!

Find Out The Secret of “Beer-Powered Beer”

In Juneau, AK, many of our local businesses strive to reduce their carbon footprints. For the Alaskan Brewing Co., the managers created the “beer-powered beer” method to convert any unused grains into a source of energy. Read over our local insights to discover what makes this process so unique and essential.

About the Alaskan Brewing Co

This craft brewery proudly bottles their beer “in a town with no roads in or out.” The main operation is situated in the Lemon Creek neighborhood in Juneau, a scenic 6-mile drive from Silverbow Inn, featuring stunning views of the Gastineau Channel. In 1986, Marcy and Geoff Larson opened the doors to continue the long-term tradition of brewing beer in Juneau. Now, you can enjoy a craft beer made from environmentally conscious efforts and sip on the flavor of sustainability.

How It Works

“Beer-powered beer” uses the remnants of leftover grains to fuel the operations at the Alaskan Brewing Co. Here is how this groundbreaking process improves, innovates, and recreates the classic recipe for brewing exceptional beer.

  • CO2 Recovery System– Every year, this revolutionary process saves over 900,000 lbs of CO2 from being emitted into our air every year.
  • Mash Filter Press– In an effort to reduce water consumption, leftover grains are processed through this press. As a result, this method eliminated over 1 million gallons of waters as well as conserved over 60,000 gallons of fuel!
  • Spent Grain Steam Boiler– If there is any excess byproduct, it’s processed through this steaming system to create a sustainable energy source! This also saves on shipping costs for transporting any unused grains to the mainland United States. And, the Alaskan Brewing Company has the capability to cut their carbon footprint up to 70% year over year!

This sustainability effort not only helps this company reduce energy consumption but also translates into more beer produced. So, you can enjoy more of your favorite brews while keeping the environment healthy!

What’s on Tap?

After learning about this brewing method, sip on the incredible flavors of the draft beer. Whether you want to try a year-round beer or one of the seasonal creations, you’re sure to satisfy your palate with something refreshing or savory. We urge you order a flight of beer and order samples from summer ales to robust porters! 

Reflect on Your Day at Silverbow Inn

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