Why You Need to Attend the Buckwheat Ski Classic

Strap on your skis and get ready for one of the best cross-country ski races in the country! The 2018 Buckwheat Ski Classic is taking place on March 24th. Enjoy the competitive spirit of this annual event as you glide through the nearby town of Skagway. Plus, find out the best place to stay during the ski classic! There’s plenty to do at this great competition.

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The Spirit of the Buckwheat Ski Classic

The Buckwheat Ski Classic was founded in the mid-80s by Buckwheat Donahue, an Alaskan adventurer and storyteller. Donahue is the perfect example of the Alaskan spirit, always ready to embark on an adventure or share tales of Alaska’s history. One of the best examples of Donahue’s exploits is his cross-country hike. In 2005, Donahue walked from Miami, Florida, to Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory in Canada. He then paddled a canoe down 2,200 miles on the Yukon River to Kotlik, Alaska, then walked the remaining distance to Nome, Alaska. This adventure, which took 327 days, served as a fundraiser for The Heartbeat Trail, which provides equipment for the Dahl Memorial Clinic.

Today, the Buckwheat Ski Classic is the perfect opportunity for folks to come together for a day of cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Aside from the four races (which include a 5K snowshoe race, and 10K, 25K, and 50K ski races), the event also features lunches to benefit local schools, a formal dinner at the Skagway Rec Center. The dinner will also feature the award ceremony, where the first-place finishers in the races will earn their reward. There’s even a prize for the best costume! After the dinner, join the crowd at the party in downtown Skagway. In past years, the party has featured live music with local musicians.

Sign up for the Buckwheat Ski Classic

Registration for the Buckwheat Ski Classic will begin in mid to late-January. Keep watching the website to see when it opens! There is only one registration form for all of the races. There are a couple of different race packages from which you can choose. The first is the basic package, which comes with registration and a shirt only. The second includes registration, breakfast, a shirt, and a dinner ticket. The Youth 5K race package includes registration, the race, a shirt, and a dinner ticket. Youths must be accompanied to the dinner by an adult.

Stay at Silverbow Inn

Where’s the best place to stay during the Buckwheat Ski Classic? The Silverbow Inn in downtown Juneau, of course! While experiencing the hustle and bustle of the race crowd might be fun during the day, you’ll want to break away from the busy Skagway streets and get a peaceful night of rest. Silverbow Inn is located in downtown Juneau, just a short walk from some of the best restaurants and bars in town.

Check our availability and book a room for the Buckwheat Ski Classic before they’re gone! We look forward to having you.