Cope Park in Juneau Is a Peaceful City Escape!

When you think of the Last Frontier, what comes to mind? For us at Silverbow Inn, we envision the grand Boundary mountain range, the serene Gastineau Channel, and an abundance of green spaces! One of our favorite city escapes is Cope Park in Juneau. Also known as “Evergreen Bowl,” this stunning park is situated near Gold Creek Valley, just a short 12-minute walk from our boutique hotel. Whether you want to relax in the outdoors or walk the trails, a visit to this spectacular park will be an unforgettable addition to your getaway!

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What You’ll See at Cope Park in Juneau!

With so many beautiful places to see, we urge all of our guests to experience our wonderful outdoors as much as possible. Before going to Cope Park in Juneau, read over our local insights and find out everything you need to know about this splendid place!

The History Behind This Outdoor Space

In 1899, the area, now known as Cope Park in Juneau, began as a mining project. Referred to as “The Boston Prospect,” a group of 10 miners sank a 150-foot shaft into the ground and started constructing tunnels to discover good ore. In 1934, the park was named the “Evergreen Bowl” and hosted an array of activities including a swimming pool! Today, it continues to be one of a local’s favorite and is filled with many treasures from the past. You’ll find a weathered hoist, boiler, Pelton Wheel, pump, and many other mining tools near the Boston Mine site!  


Lining the outskirts of the park, you can take a leisurely stroll down the serene Cope Park Trail. Also known as the Christopher Trail, this 1.6-mile path showcases breathtaking views of the Park, the Boundary Mountains, and a beautiful waterfall, as well as offers a moderate, 403-foot hike. You can also access the Tongass National Forest, Gold Creek, the Gold Creek Flume Trail, and Chicken Ridge Historic District. While you are walking in this outdoor paradise, be sure to bring your camera and photograph the stunning flora!

What Can I Experience There?

In addition to trails, this beautiful green space is perfect for relaxing and enjoying the surrounding nature of Juneau. Whether you lounge on the spacious lawn or gaze up at Mount Juneau, you’re sure to fall in love with the diverse terrain of our seaside paradise. In coming months, an array of delightful amenities will be added to Cape Park in Juneau. Although the park is still open for visitors, these new additions will include a large climbing structure, swings, tennis courts, ball field, covered shelter, picnic tables, and grills!

Relax at Silverbow Inn

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