Take an Unforgettable Journey on the Fjord Express to Juneau

If you are looking for incredible day trips to explore the Alaskan interior, we know the perfect one for you! Take a breathtaking journey on the Fjord Express to Juneau. This fast ferry service takes its passengers on a scenic voyage from Haines, Skagway, and Juneau, AK, and vice versa. This unforgettable sightseeing cruise makes it possible for you to see our stunning landscape, view wildlife, explore historic sites, and even see the Mendenhall Glacier, all in one day.

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Everything You Can Experience on the Fjord Express to Juneau

All aboard the most exclusive ferry from Juneau with private tours and air-conditioned cabins. The Fjord Express to Juneau offers fast transportation to the breathtaking city of Skagway, Alaska. Located on the southernmost point in the Yukon Territory, this rugged terrain gives a refreshing look at the wondrous mountains and calm waters.

The Eldred Lighthouse  

When you take the Fjord Express to Juneau, you’ll make several stops as you venture farther into the Last Frontier. One of the most favored stops is to the Eldred Rock Lighthouse. You’ll only see this historic lighthouse on the nighttime cruise and experience the illuminating essence of its signaling light. This lighthouse was first lit in 1906 and continues to guide the way for boat captains navigating the harbor.

Whale Watching Tour

You’ll have the opportunity to whale watch and observe the native wildlife while you cruise along the Fjord Express to Juneau.

If you are planning an exclusive whale watching trip, plan it with the Charter the Fjordland, an affiliate to the Fjord Express. Their exclusive 48-passenger catamaran provides you with a private tour on their 3.5-hour excursion. Your informative, entertaining journey includes a 1-hour bus ride from downtown Juneau to the boat dock where you’ll board for the 2.5-hour whale watching tour. As you set sail, you’re sure to see a variety of native wildlife like humpback and orca whales, sea lions, eagles, and much more. There will be three perfect photo opportunities at the Sentinel Island Lighthouse, Poundstone Rock, and the Mendenhall Glacier!

Juneau City Tour

The ferry service offers a Juneau City Tour as well. You’ll have the chance to walk around downtown Juneau and see all of our treasured buildings. Stops along the way include the State Capitol Building, Governor’s Mansion, Mt. Roberts Tramway, Red Dog Saloon, Alaska State Museum, the Waterfront, St. Nicholas Cathedral, House of Wickersham, and much more. By the end of your excursion, you may even feel like a local after learning details of our intricately-woven history.

Book Your Stay at Silverbow Inn

Once you return from your incredible journey on the Fjord Express to Juneau, spend the night relaxing at Silverbow Inn. We have 24-hour, complimentary refreshments like cookies, coffee, and tea when you return from your day excursions. If you’re looking for even more outdoor adventure, book our Tracy Arm Fjord All Day Boat Tour to discover a classic fjord outlined with towering glacial walls, crystal clear water, and spectacular mountains.

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Photo credit: Lora_D