Everything You Need to Know About Glacier Bay National Park

Have you ever wanted to see a glacier up close? Are you traveling to Alaska and looking for the perfect place to spend a day outdoors? Look no further than Glacier Bay National Park where you’ll be surrounded by towering glaciers, majestic mountains, and clear blue water. This National Park showcases spectacular scenery and spans over 3.3 million acres of Alaskan territory. Discover the natural beauty and incredible wildlife of the Glacier National Park on your next visit to Juneau, Alaska.

Alaskan glaciers and mountains attract many travelers every year who want to discover the beautiful landscape and places like the Glacier Bay National Park. Request a copy of our free Vacation Guide to the Last Frontier to find out our top suggestions for other exhilarating adventures in and around Juneau. Enjoy your amazing day trip to the national park and then spend a relaxing evening with us at the Silverbow Inn.

What Can I Experience at the Glacier Bay National Park?

Thousands of people visit the Glacier Bay National Park each year to experience the 15,300-foot-tall mountains that stand in contrast to the tremendous glacial walls and beautiful lakes. Set aside a full day for this excursion to factor in the transportation time from Juneau to Glacier Bay National Park. Once you arrive, you will be encapsulated by the wondrous nature and incredible beauty.

How to Get There

The Glacier Bay National Park can only be accessed by plane or boat. The best times to travel to this secluded sanctuary are between mid-May and September. The local airlines fly into Gustavus, Alaska, the closest town to the Glacier Bay National Park. Ferries taxi travelers from Juneau to the park. There is one road running to Gustavus from Bartlett Cove for taxis and tour buses. You can’t drive up to the glaciers, but you can explore the 7 miles of hiking trails leading to the Glacier Bay National Park.

Alluring Landscape

The Glacier Bay National Park is known internationally as a protected Biosphere Reserve and recognized as a World Heritage Site by the United Nations. Snowcapped mountains, clear blue lake water, towering glacial walls, and untouched land create the natural allure of the Glacier Bay National Park.

The icy landscape is complete with five glaciers: Grand Pacific, Margerie, John Hopkins, Muir, and Lamplugh. Kayak or ferry through the calm waters to experience these encapsulating natural wonders. If you want to be even more adventurous, you can hike along the top. The scenery of this picturesque national park is shifting every day due to the melting ice from glaciers. However, the newly exposed land and glacial water pockets create another home for the native wildlife.

Hiking and Boating in the Park

The Glacier Bay National Park is a haven for breathtaking wildlife. The international sanctuary provides a space of solitude for the wildlife that calls this place home. Here, you can walk along the winding trails and see the native animals like moose, coyotes, river otter, porcupines, bears, and a variety of bird species. Search for the tails of mighty humpback whales, stellar seals, and harbor seals flipping around in the water. You’ll be able to see the native salmon teeming in the waters at Stonefly Creek and off the coast of Beardslee Island. Look at the sky to see majestic eagles soaring overhead. There are many wildlife viewing spots located throughout the Glacier Bay National Park. Find one and settle in to view all the beautiful wildlife and bask in the surrounding nature.

Stay at the Silverbow Inn

When you leave the Glacier Bay National Park, explore the local scenery of Juneau before heading back to your room at the Silverbow Inn. Enjoy modern amenities, cozy rooms, and a dip in our outdoor hot tub to unwind after a long day of adventuring. Refuel every morning with our gourmet, buffet-styled breakfast before heading out to see more of Juneau’s appeal.

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