4 Unique Ways to Experience the 27th Annual Gold Rush Days Juneau

What do axe throwing, hand bucking, and gold panning have in common? Gold Rush Days Juneau that’s what! This two-day extravaganza offers an interesting look into the history of our city from June 17-18, 2017. Founded as logging and mining community in 1881, Juneau is a result of the rich fortunes and incredible discoveries of Joe Juneau and Richard Harris. Whether you already know about our intricately-woven history or want to experience a unique annual event, Silverbow Inn is the perfect place to stay for all the fun! It’s just a 3.6-mile taxi ride from inn across the Gastineau Channel to the outdoor festival in Savikko Park.  

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Here Is How to Enjoy Gold Rush Days Juneau

Each June, the rich history of Juneau comes to life. In fact, Gold Rush Days Juneau actually began as a competition between rival mines and miners in the area. Their goal was to determine which of them was the best. Even though this certain recognition has ended, the fierce competition still rages on in the hearts of contestants.

Thrilling Events

As you walk around Savikko Park, you’ll notice an array of competition spaces. These various stations provide a challenging venue for over 10,000 participants to harness their competitive edges. Be sure to check out some of our favorite events while you are there!

Axe Throwing Competition

When you arrive at the festival, you might see a white line painted on the ground with a bull’s eye 15 to 30 feet in front of the competitor. What could it be? Archery? Darts? No and no. It’s the lane for axe throwing! This adrenaline-pumping contest showcases the true grit and unparalleled strength of the contestants who aim to hit the center of the target.

Hand Bucking Contest

This fast-paced race involves two participants working together to use a cross-cut, M-tooth saw to cut through a 13-inch log. These incredible saws cost well over $1,000 and take up to a year to make. This iconic logging competition puts teamwork, commitment, and months of practice to the test and is usually completed in less than 30 seconds.

Log Rolling

The ultimate contest of strength, stamina, and balance is the log rolling competition. This traditional logging contest is between two participants racing one another on separate logs floating in the water to see who can stay on the longest. Be sure to stop by this balancing competition for all of the slips and falls!

Kid-Friendly Festivities

Not only is Gold Rush Days Juneau fun for adults, but it’s also fun for children. Whether your kids want to try their hand at gold panning or play carnival games, there are many activities for them to participate in during this annual festival. Each year, the children’s events happen in the early afternoon on Saturday of the festival. It’s the perfect way to delight in the warm summer weather and the breathtaking outdoors of Juneau!

Spend Your Weekend at Silverbow Inn

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Photo credit: mountaindweller