Your Insider’s Guide to the Best Juneau Beaches

When you think of The Last Frontier, what comes to mind? Here at Silverbow Inn, we picture towering mountains, wildlife sanctuaries, nature preserves, and the many Juneau beaches. Each of these serene shorelines offers a quiet and relaxing place to disconnect from our modern world and reconnect with nature, our partner, and most importantly yourself. Grab your backpack, your passion for exploring, and venture out to find these hidden secrets of Alaska!    

Do you want to discover the locations of the best Juneau beaches? Request a copy of our free Vacation Guide to find out where you’ll uncover these secluded stretches of sand. In addition, our easy-to-navigate travel planner includes our top choices for the best area attractions, beloved dive restaurants, and wonderful spas. As you scroll, you’ll also find a refined sample of the modern guest rooms and relaxing amenities at our boutique hotel.

These 4 Juneau Beaches Are Worth the Visit

While sunbathing is typically a favorite among beach goers, Juneau beaches provide you with a different experience. Each of these picturesque coastlines serves as a gateway to many outdoor adventures like hiking, biking, and kayaking. Whatever way you choose to spend your time, here are our suggestions for which private escapes you should explore!

Eagle Beach State Recreation Area

Calling all bird watchers! If you are searching one of the ideal places to see bald eagles in their natural habitat, make the journey from downtown Juneau via Glacier Highway to Eagle Beach State Recreation Area. When you arrive, walk down the winding trails, peer through the scope to see the Mountains of Many Lives, and watch these majestic creatures take flight. Visit this wildlife refuge in April for the best time to see the eagles’ nesting.

Another wonderful place is Boys Scout Beach! Known as for its breathtaking sunsets, this beach offers a scenic trail that ends at this beautiful place. Whether you go kayaking, walk the shoreline, or take photographs, you’ll be captivated by this nature preserve. Before you go, we suggest checking the tide schedules, since the beach is underwater at high tide.

Lena Beach Recreation Area

Open daily from 6 a.m. to midnight, take a self-guided tour of Lena Beach Recreation Area! This quiet beach features the tranquil Lena Cove, just off of Glacier Highway. As you walk this shoreline, you’ll be delighted by many aquatic creatures, including starfish, hermit crabs, and salmon. If you visit from May to October, you can even see the Silver, Pink, Red, and King salmon spawning!

Point Bridget State Park

As you drive down Glacier Highway, follow this scenic route until it dead ends at Point Bridget State Park. This outdoor escape is one of our favorite parks in Juneau, Alaska, for its views of the calm waters of Berners Bay, the natural vegetation, and the glacial waters. Enjoy views from Echo Cove, or follow the Cowee Creek Trailhead to an open meadow filled with alpine trees, towering mountains, and the open skies of The Last Frontier. Bring your camera to capture this wonderful place!  

Savikko Park

When you explore Savikko Park on Douglas Island, delight in the beauty of the diverse landscape. From the tree stumps and rock at Sandy Beach to tree-covered mountains to hidden coves, this destination seems to be plucked straight from a dream. You’ll see eagles soaring, salmon spawning, and even historical monuments. These structures include the 40-foot Eagle totem, which is a part of “A Time for Healing” project, an abandoned pump house, the out-of-commission Five Stamp Mill, and a small harbor. With so many sights and sounds to take in, you just may spend your whole day here. Before you depart in the morning, enjoy our breakfast, and grab some pastries, fruit, and other light bites for snacking throughout the day!

Relax at Silverbow Inn

As you drive back from one of the many Juneau beaches to downtown, you’ll need a relaxing place to unwind. At our boutique hotel, we offer a wonderful selection of 11 guest rooms, each of which boasts comfortable bedding, a flat-screen TV, and a top-notch bathroom. To enhance your experience, explore our many specials and outdoor excursions to the Tracy Arm Fjord, the Mendenhall Glacier, Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve, and Admiralty Island National Monument. With a myriad of opportunities to explore our area, why wait any longer to plan your getaway? Book your vacation with us today. We look forward to being your rendezvous points on your Alaskan expeditions!