These 4 Juneau Hiking Trails Are the Best!

If you are looking for unique spots to discover new views of the Last Frontier, you’ll find the best lookouts along these Juneau hiking trails. These secluded paths take you through the stunning landscape of Juneau and show how diverse our nature is. Hiking in the Last Frontier provides an enriching experience for beginners and expert trailblazers. As your outdoor adventures come to an end each night, you’ll also need a place to regroup, recharge, and relax. We know the perfect place: Silverbow Inn, the modern boutique hotel of Juneau!

As you plan your Juneau hiking adventures, request a copy of our free Juneau Vacation Guide! You’ll find our recommendations for restaurants, local hotspots, entertainment venues, and spas, just steps from the modern comforts of Silverbow Inn. The guide also includes detailed descriptions of our contemporary guest rooms and delightful amenities!

Experience Juneau Hiking Along These Trails

While you are searching for the best Juneau hiking trails, you’ll fall in love with our stunning nature. We encourage all of our guests to head off the beaten path and discover new places. Here are our suggestions for which trails are the best!

Mt. Juneau Trail

Hike the Mt. Juneau Trail for the most beautiful panoramic views. This system of moderate hiking paths is the most iconic treks in Juneau and is located just a 1-mile walk or drive from Silverbow Inn. On your climb, you’ll walk along Gold Creek, up Perseverance Valley, and by Gold Falls. Once you reach the zenith, you can see downtown Juneau below and bask in the stunning nature!

Perseverance Trail

About 3 miles above downtown Juneau, you can walk along the Perseverance Trail. This trail is popular among many people for its easy connection to the Flume Trail, Granite Creek, Silver Bow Ruins, Gold Falls, The Glory Hole Overlook, Red Mill, Mt. Juneau, and Mt. Roberts. While trekking along this Juneau hiking adventure, you’ll see breathtaking views of the mountains, valleys, and lush forests.

East Glacier Loop

As warmer weather approaches, Juneau offers an array of spring and summer activities. One of the most popular is the East Glacier Loop near the Mendenhall Glacier Recreation Area, just 13 miles from downtown Juneau. This trail system begins at the Mendenhall Lake and winds through mountainous terrain and towering trees. Along the way, you’re sure to see a variety of flora, fauna, and breathtaking views!

Salmon Creek Trail

The rigorous Salmon Creek Trail takes you by Cope Park and ends at the Salmon Creek Dam. This system of trails has a blend of rocky roads, man-made pathways, and staircases designed to challenge you. Once you’re at the dam, the long hike will be worth it with amazing views of the surrounding mountains and large water reserve! This Juneau hiking path is located just 1-mile from downtown, and you can only reach the trailhead by car or taxi.

Book Your Stay at Silverbow Inn

Before planning your Juneau hiking adventures, add one of our many outdoor packages. Whether you want to explore the Mendenhall Glacier, Tracy Arm Fjord, or Pack Creek, Silverbow Inn has you covered! With so many ways to spend time outdoors, you’ll need the best place to rejuvenate.

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