Delight in the Exciting Sounds of the Juneau Jazz and Classics Festival

As you are planning your next trip to Juneau, delight in the exquisite sounds of the Juneau Jazz and Classics Festival. This annual event will feature a diverse showcase of international talent from May 5-20, 2017. Whether you are a long-time fan of the harmonious blend of string and wood instruments or you just love listening to live music, you’re sure to love this series of spectacular concerts.

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What Can I Expect at the 31st Annual Juneau Jazz and Classics Festival?

The Inspiring History

In 1986, the world-renowned Linda Rosenthal wanted to share her passion for music with the city she loved. Her vision included creating a venue where music lovers would enjoy the serenading sounds of jazz and classical music while taking in the breathtaking landscape of Juneau.

The Juneau Jazz & Classics Festival has educated guests with the joys of harmony. The captivating concert series challenges everyone to listen closely to the message behind the songs. It’s designed for all ages who want to enjoy the smooth rhythms and splendid sounds of jazz, classical, and blues genres.

The Awesome Events

You’ll be able to hear the rhythmic impressions of all the music at various locations throughout Juneau and the surrounding area. Spanning for 11 miles from Auke Bay Harbor to Juneau, the Juneau Jazz and Classics has a concert for everyone to enjoy during the 15-day showcase.

The Wonderful Artists

Over 15 artists will perform at this year’s Juneau Jazz and Classics. Musical talents like The Congress, The Defibulators, Julie Coucheron, and many others will fly to our beautiful capital with their instruments tuned and voices ready to perform. Each artist has a full set prepared with soulful originals and exquisite pieces. Delight in their creativity and skill as you attend one of their musical events. You’ll feel the true art of the jazz and classical genres come together. Check out the full lineup for a complete list of all the incredible acts!

The Tickets

You can buy tickets for the events you want to attend and spend your time delighting in the beautiful melodies you choose.There will also be several free concerts for you to discover new music. You’re sure to find a new favorite jazz band or classical music ensemble while you are here!

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Photo credit: BrianAJackson