Your Official Guide to the 2017 Juneau Maritime Festival

Every year in Juneau, we celebrate our local culture with many annual events. The fishing industry still shapes the lives of many Juneau residents so, to honor our seafaring lifestyle, city officials created the Juneau Maritime Festival. This seafood lover’s event serves the freshest fish prepared by local restaurants. Mark your calendars for May 6, 2017, and book your room with us at Silverbow Inn!

Do you want to experience our beautiful springtime in Juneau? Request a copy of our free Juneau Vacation Guide! It’s packed full of incredible outdoor activities and annual events like the Juneau Maritime Festival. After a fun day at the festival, come back to the Silverbow Inn where you can relax in your private room or kick back in our common areas to share stories with our staff and other guests.

What Should I Do at the 8th Annual Juneau Maritime Festival?

The Juneau Maritime Festival takes place in Marine Park, which is just a 4-minute walk from our front door. The outdoor area is the perfect spot to celebrate the maritime history of Juneau. Its spectacular, waterfront space has an abundance of grassy fields and an open-air gazebo for simply hanging out. The park also has extraordinary views of the snow-capped mountains and the Gastineau Channel. Enjoy some of the delicious festival food as you sit on the grassy lawn and relax in our incredible surroundings.

Enjoy the Delicious Food

Freshly-caught fish is the staple of the Juneau Maritime Festival. The event highlights local businesses who want to showcase their scrumptious seafood cuisine. The list of participating restaurants always rotates, so stop by to see who will be there!

This year will mark the 4th Annual Port to Standard Progressive Dinner. The restaurant crawl allows its participants to indulge in our local food scene. You can experience all the taste of our traditional food to experience our maritime history as you walk, drink, and eat throughout Juneau. Purchase your tickets for the Port to Standard Progressive Dinner from the Juneau Economic Development Council. Call them today at (907) 523-2300 for all the details!

Enter One of the Contests

If you are looking for some friendly competition during your stay, sign up for one or all of the activities.

Culinary Contents

  • Register for the Marinade Cooking Contest or watch the Fillet Contest and show off your expert cooking skills. The winner receives a special prize from one of the event sponsors.  

Thrilling Games

  • You are sure to get your adrenaline pumping when you sign up for these events. Stack your team to win the Tug O’ War and the Taku Tote Races competitions. Win the top prize in the Survival Suits competition! You’re definitely going to have a great time!

You can get involved or request more information when you email the Juneau Economic Development Council at!

Relax With Us at Silverbow Inn

Before heading out the Juneau Maritime Festival, grab a delicious breakfast including organic ingredients from the bar area at Silverbow Inn. Have a great day at the festival and rejuvenate in your spacious room with a private bath when you return. You can also enjoy our luxurious amenities. We encourage you to browse our specials to enhance your time in Juneau.

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Photo credit: KathleenSnow