One rainy day in Juneau

Juneau is a northern rainforest

Being Juneau locals for 20 years, rain is just part of any ordinary day. I say big deal that it’s raining. We know. The way we look at it is it sure is better than 115 degrees in Phoenix (it’s all relative, right?). We just grab and rain coat and get out. Juneau Living lesson #1: You won’t melt.

So, are you wondering what to do on a rainy day in Juneau? I can easily fill seven days of fun, off-the-beat things to do here in our capitol city. Start with a walk up Mt. Roberts trail. Yup a hike! Most of the hike you are covered by thick trees that shield hikers from heavy rain and it’s beautiful. You can get the real sense of the rainforest you came to visit. Afterward, hop in the Silverbow Inn hot tub to warm up. Later, grab some lunch at one of the dozens of restaurants and food carts popping up within a block of the Silverbow.

An afternoon walk to the brand new Alaska State Museum is a great rainy day activity. You’ll find some rare treasures there, not to mention THE HISTORY! Spend the rest of the afternoon there, followed by ice cream at Coppa. This ice cream shop is part of what makes Juneau great. Marc sends out kids in the neighborhood to pick cherries and rhubarb and trades them ice cream for the fruit. He’ll even give you a cherry tree to plant in your yard to grow fruit for his ice cream. When the cherries are in bloom he makes “Flats Bourbon Cherry” ice cream. YUM! It’s a great little business, a great concept and delicious ice cream.
After you chill out some head to Salt for a Sazerac –no one makes better cocktails then Salt and its right next door to the Silverbow Inn.   How’s that for a robust rainy day??!!

Stay tuned for how we would more fun in the rain…