How to Pub Crawl like a Juneau local

At Silverbow Inn, we pride ourselves on our locals-only insider tips we give our guests.

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is where to drink in our beautiful burb – so here you go! How to pub crawl like a local in Juneau, Alaska!

These establishments are open year round!!!

o Salt:  By far our favorite pub (really more a bar) if what you are in the mood for is a well crafted cocktail in a pretty setting with excellent service.

o The Viking: A weird dance hall: usually karaoke, pole dancing and pimps.

o The Alaskan: Where all the cool kids hang out, live music most weekends – fantastic antique bar and pub… Often smells like patchouli and/or old bleach rag.

o The Triangle: Mingle with legislators and locals alike in a lowbrow setting. – weekly Trivia night.

o The Bubble Room: In the Baranof Hotel – mix with businessmen, women and legislators in a highbrow setting. The service is surly.

o Imperial: Play pool with the younger crowd in this Juneau classic pub. On a nice day they open their garage doors on the street side and it’s a great place to drink inside/outside and count how many couples off the ships are in matching track suits.

o Hangar: Huge variety of beers on tap, great view. Very popular place because it’s got something for everyone. Food’s meh….

o The Red Dog: One word – touristy. But, you can definitely drink there. An Alaska pub like you were thinking. The ‘in thing’ is to order a Duck Fart. Why? We have no clue. The gift shop’s popular… if you need a garter belt that says “Juneau.”

o McGivney’s: In the Goldbelt Hotel. Juneau’s biggest sports bar. Tons of TV’s and tap handles. They have Juneau’s only pour your own beer and a Football ticket. So if Sunday football is your thing – head here for a great Bloody Mary and a big big crowd.

o Lucky Lady: Never been – too scared! But it is the only “Irish Pub” in all of Juneau.

o The Rendezvous: Classic kind of smelly dive bar. Cheap beer.

These establishments are open in summer ONLY!!!

o Deckhand Dave’s: New for 2016 this excellent food cart expanding out with a beer tent. If it’s a nice day it’ll be hard to beat that setting.

o Flight Deck: Outdoor seating on the water with heat lamps. Watch the float planes come and go. Locals love it too so get there early if the sun is shining. Menu consists of order at the counter mostly fried food, aka not one single healthy item. PERIOD

o Twisted Fish: Outside seating right by the tram. Watch the fish processors bring in their catch to the Smoke house. Full bar, the sometimes have an outside fire pit which is excellent. Stick to ordering seafood – there are numerous very fresh options.

o And lastly – end your drunken night at Pel’Menis Russian Dumpling Shop. They’re open all hours of the night, and only serve one thing. They also have a record player that plays vinyl records, and the guys behind the counter will let you play what you want.

It’s important to know that the opinions stated here are just those of Silverbow Inn (mostly mine), so take them with a grain of salt. But, what this list should tell you is, there’s no lack of places to drink, but beware, our cops are strict – don’t drink and drive!


Find something we don’t know about? Please tell us!