Why You Need to Visit Taku Smokeries & Store

When you visit the Last Frontier, there are several things you need to try during your visit. Visit the Mendenhall Glacier, explore the ice caves, kayak in the Gastineau Channel, and set sail on the Alaskan Marine Highway System. One of the other quintessential places to experience in Juneau is touring the Taku Smokeries & Store. This high-quality shop offers the freshest kinds of smoked seafood for sale in the Inner Passage. Whether you’ve enjoyed fish from Alaskan or want to try one of these regional delicacies, a trip this establishment will make a wonderful addition to your getaway.

Once you’ve purchased your share of food from the Taku Smokeries & Store, request a copy of our free Vacation Guide to discover more culinary and cultural activities to enjoy in Juneau during your stay at Silverbow Inn!

Taku Smokeries & Everything You Need to Know

The Taku Smokeries & Store is around the corner from Silverbow Inn and offers a one-of-a-kind experience for all who visit. Use our local insights to make the most of your time tasting these tantalizing favorites!

About This Company

Since 1984, Taku Smokeries & Store has purchased millions of freshly caught seafood from local fishermen and offered a wonderful selection of smoked cuisine. Perhaps some of the most delectable food sold from this establishment is the variety of salmon. An Alaskan favorite, the salmon manufactured is slowly smoked to perfection, which gives it a truly unique taste.   

How to Experience

If you want to understand how this intricate process works, visit the Taku Smokeries in downtown Juneau on South Franklin. On your self-guided tour, you’ll be captivated by this fascinating technique and become more educated on how the salmon smoking process is different with this company. After your tour, grab a seat in the tasting area and indulge in the rich seafood.

Shop or Ship

Simply can’t get enough of the fresh fish? You can order a variety of delights such as crab, salmon, signature rubs, caviar, and shrimp from the on-site store! While you’re there, ask the knowledgeable staff their favorite ways to enjoy the signature seafood.  

If you are unable to purchase something savory from the shop, online ordering from the Taku Smokeries is another option. In fact, this company specializes in mass shipments of seafood to the Lower 48 States. In affiliation with FedEx, you can receive some of the finest quality seafood “from the dock to your door.”  It’s one of the best ways to delight in your favorite Alaskan cuisine in the comfort of your home and also makes a wonderful gift for your family and friends. Order your wonderful smoked seafood today!

Relax at Silverbow Inn

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