Find out the Best Way to Travel from Whitehorse to Juneau

Are you planning a weekend getaway from Whitehorse to Juneau? Are you looking for the easiest or most cost-efficient way to get into town? We can help! With so many visitors coming to stay at Silverbow Inn, we have plenty of experience planning the best ways to get to and from downtown Juneau. Whether by air, by ferry, by car, by bus, or a combination of the four, find out the best way for you to get to Juneau!

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Take a Trip from Whitehorse to Juneau

Come Fly Away

One of the most common ways to get into town is by plane. Silverbow Inn is located just fifteen minutes from the airport, so it’s not difficult to get to us once you’ve landed. However, flights from Whitehorse to Juneau tend to be pretty expensive and are lengthy. Direct flights are hard to come by and it’s not uncommon to have to go through multiple connections. There are a couple great alternatives to flying if you don’t have 14 hours to spend traveling!

The Wheels on the Bus

It surprises a lot of visitors to learn that taking the bus tends to be easier than flying, but it’s true! Taking a bus from Whitehorse to Skagway, an Alaskan town, is an inexpensive and easy way to start your trip to Juneau. From Skagway, you have a couple different options to get to Juneau. There are flights available. These flights are often direct and tend to last under an hour. They are also far less expensive than the flights direct from Whitehorse to Juneau. If you’re not under a time crunch, you might consider taking the ferry. It’s the cheapest option for our travelers on a budget though it takes significantly longer than flying from Skagway. Surprisingly, both of these options will still get you in Juneau quicker than flying from Whitehorse.

Hit the Road

If you’d rather take things into your own hands, you can always come to Juneau by car. The easiest way to do this is to drive from Whitehorse to Skagway, just as if you were on the bus, then take the ferry to Juneau. There is no way to drive direct to Juneau from Whitehorse, so the ferry is going to be unavoidable. However, it does tend to be a nice break from all that driving.

Stay at Silverbow Inn

So you’ve finally made it from Whitehorse to Juneau! Make sure you’re staying in the most convenient location in the downtown area. Stay at Silverbow Inn for your weekend getaway. We are within walking distance of the best restaurants, shops, and bars in downtown Juneau. It’s easy to explore the area and take advantage of all the awesome attractions from our modern inn.

Check our availability and book today! We look forward to having you.