Winter is coming!

There will be snow! There will be snow! There will be snow! They say three times is a charm.

We just had Juneau’s Annual ski swap at Centennial Hall just a few short blocks from the Silverbow Inn. The ski swap is where we dust off last year’s gear and our kids too small snow bibs and schlep it all to the convention center with the hope of getting newer, faster, cooler, bigger, better gear and to socialize and to talk about how “RAD” this year is going to be.
And it will be!

Eaglecrest Ski Resort has made some fantastic improvements to the facility. You should come check it out. After a day skiing, you can stay on Douglas Island, go to the Island Pub for pizza and then see Sweeney Todd at Perseverance Theater.

Downtown now has its Christmas lights and it looks really beautiful. People are already out shopping. Or maybe just browsing. I think people are waiting to do their big shopping at Public Market over Thanksgiving weekend. We just lowered the rates at Silverbow Inn that weekend to make it easier to visit friends and family or come in and shop or maybe if you are a vendor at the fair – we are only 3 short blocks away.

And then to talk about food our favorite subject; The Rookery café made us ham and cheese croissants for our breakfast buffet this morning (yes, we are open and still offering amazing breakfast for our guests!). We think that is going to be our weekend morning staple. And on Mondays we have savory biscuits from Pie and the Sky. She brings them over hot out of the oven at 7 am since her ship is less than one block away. What a great neighbor.

And for us – we have been experimenting with waffles. Today, we tried a cream cheese and lox waffle. I guess you can tell we miss Silverbow Bagels too. The waffle was delish!

– Jill