Get The Inside Scoop On Life In Juneau, Alaska

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Get The Inside Scoop On Life In Juneau, Alaska

City of Juneau Alaska

It’s common for visitors to Juneau to fall in love with our area. How could you not? We’ve got gorgeous vistas, amazing restaurants, friendly locals, and endless opportunity for adventure. So you shouldn’t be surprised if you find yourself asking about living here. While we can’t tell you exactly what it’s going to be, we can promise that life in Juneau, Alaska, is unlike any other city in America. Are you planning on visiting our city before making your final decision about moving? Download our free Vacation Guide to get our recommendations for adventure tours, restaurants, bars, and more. You’ll get a head start on knowing the best of the best in Juneau.

The Inside Scoop on Life in Juneau, Alaska

What is Juneau?

Juneau is a city with many distinct parts. Most visitors stick to downtown, which is where many of the state offices, hotels, restaurants, art galleries, events, festivals, and tourist shops are. Douglas Island is right next to Juneau, connected by a bridge. It’s home to one of Juneau’s best beaches! There is housing available in this section, as well as some great sightseeing spots. Then there’s Mendenhall Valley, which is the suburban area, with more housing and schools. Then there’s further out, where the forest, glaciers, mountains, and ocean extend.

Transportation in Juneau

You’re not going to take many road trips while you’re living in Juneau. There are no roads leading in or out of the city. If you want to visit the nearby towns, you’ll take one of the ferries or a small plane to hop from one city to another. Gas is more expensive in Juneau, which is to be expected since the cost of living is way above the national average. Luckily, you’ll use far less gas, thanks to the excellent public transportation and few roads.


First, let’s disparage some myths. Juneau isn’t a cold, desolate land. In fact, when compared to the rest of the state, our city doesn’t get nearly as cold as the more isolated regions. On average, the weather rarely drops below 20-degrees. Summers are mild, with temperature maxing out at the mid-60s. There is plenty of rain in town, though you’ll quickly get used to it. Just remember to get a good jacket, pair of boots, and a hat.


Downtown Juneau is a hub of art, culture, and top-notch restaurants. Enjoy one of the most popular art events, First Friday, which runs from 4:30 to 7:00 p.m. every month. It’s the perfect opportunity to walk around downtown, visit some galleries, see some art, and enjoy some free wine! Consider taking a Juneau food tour to get an overview of the city and the amazing restaurants within. There are also a bunch of awesome bars in Juneau, including ones that host open mic nights. Don’t miss the famous Celebration, an annual festival that showcases the native people of Juneau, the Tlingit.

Outdoor Recreation

Juneau is a dream destination for hikers, skiers, bikers, or anyone who enjoys a day of outdoor recreation. From Eaglecrest Ski Area, which features snowshoeing and cross-country skiing, to the many local hiking trails, there is so much to explore. Getting out and about is a big part of the culture here, so don’t be surprised if your neighbors are hiking up mountains or kayaking down a river in their free time. In fact, be sure to ask them their favorite trails, stop by a local equipment shop, and head out to have an adventure of your own!

Is Juneau a Good Place to Live?

Before you make your final decision about living in Juneau, Alaska, as yourself some questions. Are you going to miss winding stretches of highway, cheap gas, and busy city life? If so, then Juneau is probably a better place for you to visit rather than to stay. However, if you enjoy a friendly downtown but value quiet and privacy, Juneau might be right for you. It’s perfect for people who want to experience the glorious outdoors and see the

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