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Okay, it’s not a secret. There has never been a shortage of things to do in Juneau, Alaska. It’s gorgeous and it’s waiting for you! Wedged between Mount Juneau and the Gastineau Channel, Juneau has been described as “a little San Francisco; the most beautiful city in Alaska.” The first city founded after the purchase of Alaska from Imperial Russia in 1867, Juneau was begun by pure gold fever. Nowadays, the state’s capital is less about shiny things and more about spectacular natural beauty, attracting more then 100,000 independent visitors like you each year.

Our downtown Juneau hotel is situated perfectly, and that is a purely objective sentiment. We’re just 2 blocks from the convention center, State capitol, State Office Complex, Coast Guard Station, and cruise ship docks, and just 5 blocks from the Federal Building. Plus, the best restaurants and shops are right here too. We’re your jumping off point to explore this incredible city! For even more information on all of the attractions and things to do in Juneau, check out our Insider Info all about life in Juneau.


We created this fabulous map just for YOU because that is how much we care! Want a printed copy? Just stop by the front desk and ask.

Map of Downtown Juneau
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