Exploring the Vibrant Music Scene of Juneau, Alaska

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Exploring the Vibrant Music Scene of Juneau, Alaska

There’s no shortage of things to do in Juneau, Alaska. Juneau is a picturesque capital city where the arts thrive. It’s a hub of music, creativity, and cultural diversity. One of Juneau’s biggest claims to fame? It’s gotta be the dynamic music scene that celebrates both local artists and the rich heritage of Alaska’s indigenous communities.

The Importance of Arts and Culture in Juneau

Arts and culture play a huge role in Juneau’s identity. From live performances to art exhibits, the city provides a platform for artists to showcase their talents. Residents and visitors alike love having opportunities to connect with the arts and each other.

People in Juneau come together through music to connect, share stories, and celebrate their unique cultural heritage. Whether it’s a traditional Tlingit drumming circle or a contemporary jazz concert, the music scene in Juneau does an awesome job of celebrating its population’s diversity and fostering cultural pride.

Upcoming Music Performances and Concerts

There are lots of awesome performances and concerts taking place this Spring. The Juneau Jazz and Classics Spring Festival in May is always a highlight. This popular event brings world-class jazz musicians and classical artists to town. They do a lot of workshops and host free events, too. Many of the events take place at the Juneau Arts & Culture Center less than half a mile from downtown Juneau hotels like the Silverbow Inn.

Another can’t-miss musical adventure is the annual Alaska Folk Fest, a celebration of folk music and community spirit. From bluegrass tunes to ballads, Folk Fest highlights the diverse talents of local and regional musicians. Attendees always love the atmosphere of warmth and camaraderie at Folk Fest! Most events take place at Centennial Hall which is 0.2 miles – or a 5-minute walk! – from our hotel in downtown Juneau.

The Áak’w Rock Festival, presented by Tlingit & Haida Tribal Government and Juneau Arts & Humanities Council, will also return to Juneau in 2025. This three-day event is held biennially on the ancestral homelands of the Lingít (People of the Tides) of the Áakʼw Ḵwáan (People of the Little Lake). Áakʼw Ḵwáan Aaní (land) is also known as Juneau-Douglas, Alaska.

Embracing Native Music and Heritage

What’s at the heart of Juneau’s music scene? A deep respect for indigenous culture and traditions. Native music, with its haunting melodies and rhythmic beats, serves as a powerful reminder of Alaska’s rich heritage and the resilience of its indigenous peoples.

Residents and visitors can experience traditional Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian music through performances and cultural events throughout the year. From traditional drumming to storytelling through song, these expressions of indigenous music offer a glimpse into Alaska’s native communities and their profound ties to the land.

Did you know the Áak’w Rock Festival is the only Indigenous music festival in the US? This amazing festival showcases Indigenous music from around the world. We’re so stoked for this Festival to return next year!


Music is more than just entertainment in Juneau—it’s a reflection of the city’s vibrant spirit and cultural diversity. As the Juneau Jazz and Classics Spring Festival approaches, along with other upcoming events like Folk Fest, residents and visitors alike have the chance to immerse themselves in a symphony of sound that celebrates the beauty of Alaska and the creativity of its people.

So, whether you find yourself grooving to jazz beats, swaying to folk melodies, or embracing the ancestral songs of Alaska’s indigenous peoples, the music scene in Juneau invites you to embark on an unforgettable musical journey. Need somewhere to stay? Our Juneau hotel is situated perfectly downtown and ready to put you at the center of Juneau’s iconic music scene.

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