Hike To Mount Juneau This Summer

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Hike To Mount Juneau This Summer

A stunning view of Mountain Juneau hiking trails, as it towers behind downtown Juneau

Juneau’s unspoiled wilderness is undeniably beautiful, and one of the best ways to truly get out and explore it is by hitting various Juneau hiking trails.  While there are many backcountry trails for extended adventures in the Juneau area, there are also plenty of Juneau hiking trails right here in town, including those at Mount Juneau. In fact, many of the best Juneau hiking trails can be accessed by foot from downtown, which means you can leave your car behind at our hotel and be surrounded by nature in no time at all.

You’ll find that our downtown Juneau hotel is the perfect place to stay while you’re in town. Not only do we offer unbeatable accommodations and hospitality, but our amenities are second to none, and we’re within walking distance of everything.  It’s the perfect place to put your feet up, relax, and unwind after a full day of adventure in Juneau.  Nothing beats an evening soak in our rooftop hot tubs, either – and you’ll find yourself looking right back up at Mount Juneau, where you spent your day hiking!  Plan your adventure to Juneau, and make sure it includes a room at our upscale hotel in downtown Juneau.  Book your room today!

Stunning views from the top of the Mountain Juneau hiking trail

Hike Mount Juneau This Summer

Mount Juneau is one of the peaks you’ll see from downtown Juneau. It towers an impressive 3,576 feet above the Gastineau Channel and practically begs you to climb to the top. Luckily, Mount Juneau is one of the many Juneau hiking trails accessible from downtown. The trail actually starts near Ebner Falls on the Perseverance Trail – which is actually within fairly easy walking distance of our Junuea hotel.

About a mile into the Perseverance Trail, you’ll see the Mount Juneau hiking trail branch off to the left.  From there, it climbs another 2 miles steeply to the summit. The Mount Juneau hiking trail is a relatively challenging one, but it’s worth the effort.  The trail is roughly 6.8 miles roundtrip, with 1,500 feet in elevation gain. This hike is best done from mid-June through mid-September.

The trail has quite a bit of vegetation on it, including beautiful wildflowers, and it also showcases the stunning transition from coastal to alpine forests.  Once you get to the top, though, you’ll enjoy exquisite views of downtown Juneau. You can also see the Mendenhall Glacier, Gastineau Channel, the Chilkats, and the ranges nearest to the Juneau Icefield on a clear day.

Mount Juneau is just one of the interesting Juneau hiking trails to explore while you're here

8 More Great Juneau Hiking Trails

Of course, Mount Juneau is only one of the hiking opportunities in this incredible area. Whether you’re looking for hikes that are more mild or extended backpacking trips, we’d love to help you plan your adventures in Juneau.  Below is a list of some of the most popular Juneau hiking trails in the area, but truly this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    1. The Perseverance Trail is one of the most popular and highly trafficked Juneau hiking trails, and for a good reason.  It’s easily accessible from downtown Juneau and offers a quick escape into nature.  The trail follows an old railroad line as it climbs above the Gold Creek Valley. It also connects up to many other Juneau hiking trails, including the Granite Creek Trail and the Glory Hole Trail.
    2. The Mt. Roberts Trail, another which starts in downtown Juneau, takes you up to the peak of Mount Roberts, where the popular tram takes visitors.
    3. The Nugget Falls Trail is a short 2-mile roundtrip trail near Mendenhall Glacier that leads you to a large beach overlooking a cascading waterfall, with views of the glacier in the background.
    4. The East Glacier Trail, another near Mendenhall Glacier, is a 3.5-mile loop that leads you through the rainforest before opening up to another view of this impressive glacier. For another lesser-traveled trail that leads you to a beautiful view of Mendenhall Glacier, try the West Glacier Trail.
    5. Douglas Island is just across the bridge from downtown Juneau. One of our favorite Juneau hiking trails is here; the Dan Moller Trail.  It’s a great spot to view wildflowers, and there’s a waterfall to enjoy along the way.
    6. You can hike to the John Muir Cabin near Juneau. The trail is accessed from Glacier Highway, just outside of downtown Juneau.
    7. The Herbert Glacier Trail is also a beautiful hiking trail in Juneau. It’s one of the most accessible glacier hikes in the area.
    8. There are also some great trails to hike at Point Bridge State Park to enjoy.

The vast wilderness around Juneau really is spectacular – and there is far more to explore than can be mentioned in a single blog. We’d love to discuss hiking adventures with you as you plan your next getaway to Juneau.  But first, you need to reserve your spot.  Book a room at our downtown Juneau hotel today!

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