Some Of The Best Adventure Tours On Chichagof Island Near Juneau

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Some Of The Best Adventure Tours On Chichagof Island Near Juneau

Mountains behind Chichagof Island

An adventure is waiting for you on Chichagof Island near Juneau! Despite being the fifth-largest island in the United States, Chinchagof is one of the best-kept secrets in Alaska. This landmass, which totals to about 2,050 square feet, features the highest population of bears per square mile on the globe, as well as the Hoonah, Pelican, Tenakee Springs, and Elfin Cove communities. There are some fantastic tours that give guests an up-close look at the island. We’ve listed some of our favorites below! Find everything you need to experience this awesome Alaskan attraction. Before you go, be sure to download our free Vacation Guide to find out about other exciting adventure tours, as well as great restaurants, bars, and shops around town.

Visit Chichagof Island Near Juneau

Consider a Package from Hoonah Travel Adventures

There are four options from Hoonah Travel Adventures. Check them out below!

Chichagof Island Arctic Cat Tour

Cruise around Chichagof Island in style when you book the Chichagof Island Arctic Cat Tour! Each visitor gets to use one of the company’s Arctic Cat vehicles, equipped with GPS devices which are pre-loaded with maps, points of interest, and scenic viewpoints.

Chichagof Island Jeep Adventure

Similar to the previous package, the Chichagof Island Jeep Adventure allows you to explore the island, this time in a Jeep rental. You’ll be able to use the GPS to find points of interests around the island. This self-guided tour will allow you the opportunity to view local wildlife, from brown bears to marine mammals.

Wilderness Tour and Brown Bear Search

If your goal is to see a bear, consider booking the Wilderness Tour and Brown Bear Search. While Hoonah Travel Adventures can’t guarantee you’ll see a bear, the chances are good that you’ll spot these gorgeous animals. Explore the rugged terrain of the Tongass National Forest and have the adventure of a lifetime!

Taste of Hoonah and City Tour

If you’d prefer to explore the city of Hoonah, located on Chichagof Island and the largest Tlingit settlement in Alaska. The Taste of Hoonah and City Tour includes a walk through the town, where you’ll be able to learn about the history and the locals, before ending up at Icy Strait Lodge, where you’ll enjoy an Alaskan beer and a locally sourced seafood sampler trio.

Book with Pack Creek Bear Tours

For a wonderful view of the wildlife living on Chichagof Island, book the Waterfalls Creek Bear Tour from Pack Creek! This adventure company offers excursions to the island from mid-July until the end of August. This bucket list activity is $729 per person. This package includes equipment, like rubber boots, rain gear, a day pack, binoculars, and healthy snacks.

Stay at Silverbow Inn Hotel & Suites

There’s no better place to rest after a day of exploring Chichagof Island near Juneau than at Silverbow Inn Hotel & Suites. We offer an outstanding selection of specials and packages, including the Pack Creek Grizzly Bear Viewing Seaplane Adventure. This tour lasts about eight hours and is $789 per person. The day starts with a 25-minute plane ride, after which you’ll spend five to six hours watching grizzlies from their private viewing area. You’ll get all the necessary equipment, so all you’ll have to bring is your adventurous spirit.

Check our availability and book today! We look forward to having you.

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