The Best Time To Visit Admiralty Island Near Juneau

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The Best Time To Visit Admiralty Island Near Juneau

Whale breeching Admiralty Island

Alaska is unmatched in the spectacular landscapes and wildlife that it has to offer. One of the natural wonders to behold is Admiralty Island. Admiralty Island is located in the Alexander Archipelago in Southeast Alaska. The island is more or less halfway between Juneau and Sitka and is 96 miles long running northeast to south and about 30 miles in width at its widest point. The island embraces 678 miles of coastline, highly irregular with many bays and estuaries, and an impressive total area reaching over a million acres.

Admiralty Island is the seventh-largest island in the United States with most of the island, protected as the Admiralty Island National Monument, and is home to the highest density of brown bears in North America. Admiralty Island National Monument is located within the Tongass National Forest.  The Tlingít people have resided there for centuries and call this island “Kootznoowoo,” meaning, “Fortress of the Bear.” Bear-viewing is just one of the many things to do on this special island.

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Bears at Admiralty Island

Top 3 Things to Do at Admiralty Island

There are so many activities in store for you when traveling to this island. While we only list a few here, there is so much more that can be explored. Keep in mind that the mode of travel to this island is via floatplanes or by boat for day trips. The floatplanes and boat trips primarily leave from Juneau and will take you to this enchanting island.

  1. Wildlife-Take in all of the different species that this magnificent island has to offer. Bear-seeing is one of the most frequented activities on this island. Bear-viewing is most commonly frequented at Pack Creek Bear Viewing Area. You will arrive via floatplane, (only 30 minutes) or via boat from Juneau. Upon arrival, a Forest Service or Alaska Department of Fish and Game Ranger will greet you as you disembark the plane or boat into 8-16 inches of water on the beach. Access to and traveling within the bear viewing area requires stepping into the water.  At the Pack Creek Bear Viewing Area, you can enter the bears’ world and watch these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. Not only are you likely to see brown bears, but the island also contains the largest concentration of nesting bald eagles. There are more than 5,000 eagles living on Admiralty Island and on average, one nest every mile along the coastline of Seymour Canal. If your adventure takes you to the various bays around the island, you may witness harbor seals, porpoises, and sea lions. Humpback whales may be spotted feeding in the Seymour Canal. Sitka black-tailed deer are found throughout the island. The streams are filled with five different species of Pacific salmon.
  2. Kayaking-You can rent kayaks from Alaska Boat and Kayak Rental Shop at the Juneau location.  Pack up your gear into the seaplane and set forth on your adventure to Admiralty Island.  The mouth of the Seymour Canal is an astounding 60-mile long inlet that nearly cuts the island in two and is the most popular kayaking destination through the island.
  3. Hiking-If you choose adventure by foot, Admiralty Island has at least 30 listed day hiking trails. Some of the trails listed are close to rental cabins on the island. Hikes can range from less than one mile and are quite manageable, to upwards of close to 5 miles with a moderate level of difficulty. Some hikes you will find to be flat, while others have some elevation. Along many of the trails, you will have the opportunity for nature viewing. The United States Department of Agriculture is a wonderful source of detailed information about things to do on the island.

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