These 4 Unique Juneau, Alaska, Tours Are Breathtaking

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These 4 Unique Juneau, Alaska, Tours Are Breathtaking

Icefields in Juneau, Alaska

Picture yourself bundled up in a puffy pullover. The wind is blowing through your hair, and your nose is pink from the crisp, cool air. As you exhale, you can see your breath, but it’s quickly taken away by the view that lays before you. You’re on top of a glacier that you just climbed, overlooking the vast Alaskan landscape.

No, this isn’t a dream. This is what it’s like on a Juneau, Alaska, tour.

Although it’s tempting to stay in your cozy suite at Silverbow Inn Hotel & Suites, our vacation specials encourage you to be adventurous; we want you to fall in love with our beautiful state by getting out and exploring it. Plan breathtaking excursions in untouched Alaskan nature with our free Vacation Guide and read more for a preview of these life-changing experiences.

Discover Something New on a Juneau, Alaska, Tour

Mendenhall Glacier Blue Trek & Climb

Possibly the most otherworldly interaction with nature, the Mendenhall Glacier Blue Trek & Climb is an extreme excursion that gets you up close and personal with the Alaskan environment. A team of tour guides leads you on a glacial getaway complete with hiking, glacier trekking, and ice climbing. Customize your tour to adjust the difficulty level, or check out an array of other icefield tours in the Juneau area to find what best suits you.

Pack Creek Grizzly Bear Viewing Seaplane Adventure

Access exclusive views from both land and sky in this five to six-hour viewing of native grizzlies. Observe as these massive creatures gather around Pack Creek within the Seymour Canal in anticipation of the rush of Pacific salmon. Although the tour is controlled, it gets you closest to the wildest aspects of nature.

Zipline in the Tongass National Forest

Glide through the largest national forest in the United States with Alaska Zipline Adventures. You gain a new perspective from 100-foot treetops as you race across 800 feet of cable. If this excursion only gives you a taste of what the Tongass National Forest has to offer, explore more of the 17 million acres of forestry with a visit to Admiralty Island National Monument. Plenty of experiences await to provide you with intimate access to this beautiful nature reserve.

Best of Juneau Triple Pack

Are you having a hard time choosing between these unique excursions? Take advantage of the Best of Juneau Triple Pack to gain an all-in-one experience that relieves your fear of missing out. This trip begins with a cruise across glassy Alaskan waters for a thrilling whale watching adventure. Upon return, you’ll follow up with a scenic tour of the Mendenhall Glacier. Then, finish the evening with a traditional Southeast Salmon bake for a taste of authentic Alaskan cuisine. When you book this tour, you’ll get the experience of a lifetime wrapped into a single day.

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