Why Juneau Is Your Next Best Romantic Getaway Destination

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Why Juneau Is Your Next Best Romantic Getaway Destination

Couple enjoying the best glaciers in Alaska

How do you describe the perfect romantic getaway? Thrilling adventures, beautiful views, irresistible food, cozy hotel rooms, cute surprises, stargazing – you know, that Romeo and Juliet stuff.

Well, guess what – Juneau has it all, and more.

Juneau is a game-changing destination for romance. There’s something for every couple, no matter how adventurous. If your love language is hiking all day, Juneau has your back. Or, if it’s sipping bubbles in a hot tub, this city speaks your language, too.

Let’s dive into a few excellent reasons Juneau is the best place to take your boo!

The adventures never end

When people think of Alaska, they think of wilderness. It’s definitely not barren up here, though! Juneau is home to some pretty wild experiences that span from land to sea to groovy downtown urban adventures.

If you’re hoping to get up close and personal with some spectacular natural wonders, look no further than the Mendenhall Glacier. Its hikes are rewarding even for the laziest lovers – it’s an easy trail with stupidly gorgeous views.

For the bold and daring, we recommend taking a helicopter ride with Temsco Helicopter Tours. Not only can you enjoy seriously breathtaking vistas – but you can also stand on an icefield. It’s the perfect time to get that “couples goals” Instagram shot (you know, if you’re that kind of couple).

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And, if you love to ski, you’re in for a real treat. We’re talking skipping those ridiculously long lift lines and getting straight to gliding down powdery slopes with your favorite person. Eagle Crest Ski Resort is a ski lover’s secret. Plus, it’s just a 15-minute drive from Juneau and has excellent slopes for all levels.

Renowned food and beverages around every corner

Downtown Juneau is home to many things, and one of them is impressive food and drinks. The city offers all sorts of food, pleasing your partner no matter how picky they are.

Start with a delicious cocktail at Amalga Distillery’s tasting room. A gem of Juneau, this distillery crafts spirits to please. It’s no wonder they had a feature in Bon Appetit Magazine for their prized Juneauper Gin, infused with native Alaskan botanicals you can find nowhere else in the world. Warning though – this gin is quite hard to resist, making you not just fall in love, but fall, literally.

After drinks, it’s time to explore downtown Juneau, pursuing the shops and exploring all our amazing artisans. When you get hungry – well – downtown Juneau is your oyster.

To us, nothing warms the soul more than In Bocca al Lupo’s pizza. Located just next door to the Silverbow Inn, this Italian spot makes some mean pizza, pasta, appetizers, and more. So, “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie…” go to In Bocca al Lupo to channel all the amore.

The romantic views never end

With incredible natural wonders come remarkably romantic views. Frankly, it’s hard to avoid them in Juneau. Walking down the street gives you endless glimpses of mountains, water, and gorgeous skies.

Through the various windows of the Silverbow Inn, you can spot mountain peaks and wildlife that sprinkle more romance into your vacation. If you head to the roof, you can take in all the views by the fire pit or by relaxing in the hot tub.

And, star-gazing anybody?

If there’s anything in the romance 101 rule book, it’s to stare at the stars together. With Juneau’s beautiful night skies, what could be better than having a romantic moment with your partner under the stars?

Juneau is home to more than just pretty starry skies, though. The Northern Lights (also known as their fancier name, Aurora Borealis) can be seen not far from Juneau, especially between September and April. There’s nothing more mesmerizing than watching the sky light up in color in front of you as you snuggle with your person. Memories FTW.

Getting to Juneau is easier (and more romantic) than you think

Let’s keep it simple – there are two ways to get to Juneau. You can fly or you come by boat. The choice is not only up to you, of course. It’s up to your partner!

Going by plane is the quickest route, with direct flights from various popular West Coast airports. And, Seattle dwellers – you’re in luck. It takes two quick hours to get to Juneau from SEA. Just hop on that plane and fly!

Now, for those with more time on their hands for a romantic getaway, the ferry is a no-brainer. And, this isn’t just any ferry. We’re talking about the Alaska Marine Highway System, which takes you on a magical journey through fjord land with wildlife, mountains, and water. Snap pics and people will think you went to Norway. Fool them if you want, but it’s Alaska (and it’s better).

Why Juneau is Your Next Best Romantic Getaway Destination 2

If you’re looking to take your boat journey up a notch, camp on the upper deck and sleep under the stars. The tents do not come with your ferry trip, so pack smart.

Stay at Juneau’s most romantic hotel

When it comes to the perfect romantic hotel, you want a place that’s small enough to channel love and not too big where you lose your partner for hours after venturing to get a cup of coffee (they say distance makes the heart fonder, but not when you only have just a few days of vacation…)

Meet the Silverbow Inn – the #1 romantic getaway hotel in Juneau. This hotel in the historic Messerschmidt building is your funky home away from home. With a staff as warm as their fresh cookies offered in the afternoon – I mean c’mon, how can you pass that up?

The Silverbow’s most spectacular room – the penthouse suite – has all the details necessary for a romantic getaway. Floor-to-ceiling windows with mountain views, a fireplace, rain shower, and the softest sheets.

Stunning guest rooms at our #1-rated downtown Juneau hotel

Sounds like it’s time to book your getaway to Juneau before everyone and their fiancés do. So, be a trendsetter and head to Juneau for your next romantic getaway. Your lover won’t be disappointed.

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