2022 Alaska Gay Travel Guide

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2022 Alaska Gay Travel Guide

Traveling is one of the best ways to expand your community. There are extraordinary places to discover in this world that offer rad experiences for LGBTQ+ folks. And, Juneau, Alaska is one of them.

Alaska is the epicenter of adventure. Whether you’re there for the hikes, skiing, or just discovering downtown Juneau, there’s always something to keep the vacation vibes going.

Juneau’s vibe creates epic experiences that you really can’t find anywhere else, especially for the LGBTQ+ community. We’re serious – what other place has the dynamic of cozy cities and some of the world’s most impressive natural wonders?

If you can’t answer that, don’t worry. Your ultimate Alaska gay travel guide is here! We have everything you need to create the perfect Juneau getaway, from the best airlines, accommodations, and sites you can’t miss.

LGBTQ+ Friendly Airline Travel

When in Alaska, do as the Alaskans do. That means flying Alaska Airlines. The reason isn’t just because it’s the official state airline that we love the most. Alaska Airlines has long supported the LGBTQ+ community. It was the official airline for Seattle Pride in 2021!

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Alaska Airlines also makes it very convenient to find flights near you. The airline has direct flights from all of the bustling West Coast airports. If you’re flying from the East Coast, Alaska Airlines also has various flights from popular airports, like JFK and Atlanta International Airport. We should note that East Coast flights may require a layover or two. Nothing to sweat, though. Pack your favorite snacks, turn on a cheesy romcom, and you’ll be in Juneau in no time.

If you hope to fly directly to Alaska from the East Coast, United Airlines offers direct flights to Anchorage. What’s even cooler is United Airlines’ mission to support its LGBTQ+ staff. In December 2021, they hosted their first all-LGBTQ+ Pride flight to celebrate their LGBTQ+ employees. We hope they start doing these multiple times a year because – let’s face it – every flight should be a pride flight.

Visiting Alaska by Sea

If not by air, then go by sea! The Alaska Marine Highway System is a super exciting way to get to Juneau. Plus, ferries are how locals love to travel, sprinkling more authenticity into your itinerary.

The Alaska Marine Highway System has ferries traveling to Juneau from Bellingham, Washington, and Prince Rupert, British Columbia. It is a voyage, by the way. The ferry trip from Washington to Juneau takes over two days. But, guess what – you can camp on the ferries. Yes, you can build a fort in the lounge or pitch a tent on the top deck and sleep under the stars. Romantic? We think so.

LGTBTQ+ Friendly Alaska Cruises

There’s another more fun way to travel by sea. A variety of cruise lines venture to Alaska. But, which are the most gay-friendly?

Celebrity Cruises has some of the most LGBTQ+ friendly excursions out there. Said to have some of the best onboard LGBTQ+ gatherings, Celebrity Cruises actually let you pride party your way to Alaska. They host a Pride Party at Sea on every ship for the whole month of June. This cruise line is now booking trips to Alaska for 2023!

If you love big cruiseliners, Royal Caribbean is also a fantastic choice. This cruise was the first to receive the ‘Gay Travel Approved’ Distinction from Gaytravel.com in 2016. The size of their cruise ships makes it almost impossible to get bored – there’s something for everyone to do!

Juneau’s LGBTQ+ Friendly Adventures

2022 Alaska Gay Travel Guide 1Whether your goal is to shop, relax in a hot tub, or hike 10 hours a day, Juneau, Alaska can satisfy any traveler.

As you can imagine, Alaska is a seasonal place. What you’ll be up to will depend on the time of year you visit. So, if you want to go skiing, don’t plan a trip in July. You get it.

Juneau is home to tons of LGBTQ+ events all year round. Why? Juneau is all about community, and one organization that channels this community love is SEAGLA (Southeast Alaska’s LGBTQ+ Alliance.) This organization is behind various awesome gay-friendly events throughout the city. SEAGLA keeps an updated list of LGBTQ+ events on its website!

Wintertime in Juneau

The cold can’t stop fun things from happening in Alaska. Juneau is a magical winter wonderland come December, with excursions perfect for any family, couple, or single pringle.

Eaglecrest Ski Resort is a must-visit during the Wintertime. It’s a hidden skiing gem in Alaska. Eaglecrest Ski Resort doesn’t boast large crowds, giving you more room to ski or snowboard your heart out. This ski resort has a wide variety of terrain to discover, along with activities for those who aren’t fans of slopes, heights, and all those intense winter sports things.

Another winter excursion you cannot miss is the glaciers or seeing the Northern Lights. These natural wonders you won’t see anywhere in the U.S. From Juneau, you can visit the Herbert Glacier Trail. This trail is gorgeous and pretty flat, making it easy for everyone to bike, walk, or snowshoe.

Spring and Summertime in Juneau

If you’re a vampire type, you can probably skip this section. Alaskan summers often see 24-hour sunny days. And, that means 24/7 fun (that’s if you think you can keep up.)

Of course, we Alaskans have the shades and shutters needed to get some shut-eye. The point is – there’s a huge array of things to do in Juneau in the summer. You can hike trails, take helicopter rides to see glaciers, or go ziplining. The options are endless!

Enjoy riding the many mountain biking trails near downtown Juneau

What makes Juneau extra special for the LGBTQ+ community in the warmer months is downtown Juneau. This area is home to Juneau’s spectacular restaurants, bars, and retail businesses. You’ll even find local artists setting up shop for pop-ups, especially on the weekends, displaying their incredibly inspiring artwork.

Gay-Friendly Hotels in Juneau

When it comes to Alaska (or anywhere in the world), it’s always best to stay local. This state is home to many amazing family-run hotels and BnBs, with good ole Alaskan hospitality. So, which accommodations in Juneau are both locally-run and gay-friendly?

The Silverbow Inn is a welcoming hotel located in the historic Messerschmidt Building. This downtown Juneau hotel is in the middle of everything, making it the perfect basecamp for your stay. With cozy rooms, personalized service, and even a pretty sick rooftop hot tub, there’s so much to love. Plus, when you stay here, fresh-baked cookies will be waiting after every adventure.

glacier bay national park

There’s also no shortage of great eats nearby. Juneau’s home for Italian food, In Bocca Al Lupo, is right downstairs. They feature handmade pasta and wood-fired pizzas in a warm, family-style atmosphere. When you get parched, walk on over to Amalga Distillery to try their top-notch beverage selection.

Celebrating Pride in Alaska

If you’re looking for a new and exciting place to celebrate pride, Juneau is your answer. SEAGLA does a fabulous job at organizing a month of incredible pride events, from block parties to drag shows featuring some of the best queens in the nation.

For Pride 2022, SEAGLA organized the Glitz Drag Show, featuring Trinity K. Bonet from the 6th season of Rue Paul’s Drag Race and Chicago’s Drag Queen of the Year Tenderoni. Sorry you missed this party because it was the definition of fabulous.

Thinking of visiting Juneau, Alaska? We’ll be waiting for you. With a place so impossible to get bored of, you can easily plan a trip with any of your best friends, even the pickiest ones.

make the most of your visit!


Things to do in Juneau Alaska

make the most of your visit!