Hike Your Way To The Best Vacation At Perseverance Trail Juneau

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Hike Your Way To The Best Vacation At Perseverance Trail Juneau

Perseverance Trail with lake in Juneau

Juneau, AK, has more than anyone could ask for in terms of outdoor activities. Juneau has it all from whale watching and dog sledding to yoga and fishing. The city is also full of fantastic hiking trails with varying difficulty levels, trails, and spectacular views. Perseverance Trail in Juneau is the pinnacle of Alaska’s best hiking. Book your stay at the Silverbow Inn Hotel & Suites and this natural gem is just 10 minutes away. Download our free Vacation Guide and start planning your trip with the help of our top recommendations!

Everything You Need to Know About Perseverance Trail in Juneau

Overview and Terrain

Perseverance National Recreation Trail is a 3-mile-long hiking trail. Its inlet leads from downtown Juneau into the wilderness and sprawls above the Gold Creek Valley. This trail offers hikers various options for turnoffs aside from the main trail. These include Mount Juneau, Ebner Falls, and Granite Creek. The Mount Juneau and Granite Creek turnoffs are longer and more strenuous than the others, but all offer wonderful sights for moderately skilled hikers. The trail is also runner-friendly!

Difficulty and Skill Level

This Juneau trail is listed under “moderate” difficulty and varies in elevation from 500-1,500 feet depending on what turnoff you use. It’s also family-friendly for its flatter and shorter trails such as Ebner Falls and the main trail. Its versatility for hikers of varying skill levels is likely how it earned the No. 9 spot on TripAdvisor’s “56 Things to Do in Juneau.” This natural wonder is surrounded by old mine shafts, waterfalls, and ridgelines, and has garnered over 100 five-star reviews for its beauty and overall ease.

Sights You’ll See

The various turnoffs available to hikers on this trail offer a range of scenery and vantage points. The trail above Gold Creek Valley is lined with towering trees and water views. You can even see old mine shafts on one side! Follow Ebner Falls to see a captivating waterfall that seemingly divides the green mountainside into two parts. The falls can be your pit stop or final destination as it’s just a short way off the main path. The main trail is full of ridgelines that are naturally decorated with orange and red speckled Salmonberry bushes and flowers. Follow the Granite Creek turnoff and reach the summit where you can sit and gaze down at the valley and all of its wonder!

Come Back and Relax at Silverbow Inn Hotel & Suites

After a day spent exploring the Perseverance Trail in Juneau, you may be ready to come back to Silverbow Inn Hotel & Suites to relax. However, if you’re an adventure junkie and want more, we recommend exploring Mount Roberts Trail. Either way, Silverbow Inn Hotel & Suites is here whenever you’re ready to recharge. 

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